There is so much you can learn from the comfort of your home office - even if your home office is your cozy bed :) These carefully curated resources are sure to get you on track!

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I always have so much fun hosting workshops! My students are often so surprised by how simple websites can be when they have the right person teaching them. Of course, we live in the digital age, and I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist, so it made perfect sense to work my content into an E-Learning platform.

The cool thing is that because it’s online and at your own pace, you only need to pay a fraction of what my in-person students pay. If you’re ready to start getting your website together, jump on the Web Strategy Basics course for $87. Currently, there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else. It’s easy to follow, comes with workbooks, video lectures, and quizzes to make sure you retain what you learn. If you’re a little worried about jumping into the course without getting to know me, you can access the first module for free - that way you can be sure the platform, content, and my personal flair will all be of value to you.

I’m working on a few Facebook Challenges and a membership platform for those of you who might need some ongoing support. Plus, I post tips and advice regularly on Facebook and Instagram so if you want to just follow my teachings from the fringes for now, you can find me as @keeniweb on either network.

Bonus - you’ll also be able to jump on opportunities like beta-testing new courses, get your burning marketing questions answered at Q&A sessions, and more as our community grows.

There are a lot of resources I share regularly on Facebook and Instagram, so if you're ever looking for a tool or resource I've mentioned - you'll find them here!

Or... Choose your freebie!

Web Strategy Basics

Learn about the very first decisions you will be faced with when you decide to create a website for your business. You'll be offered the full course (5 whole modules, lots of learning!) but the first module is totally free - and still completely sufficient to help give your website a solid foundation.

Content Curation Checklist

You probably already have a general idea of what you will say to your audience and how you will serve them - but the #1 reason websites stall or fail in the development stage is missing or unorganized content. This checklist will help you prioritize your content, so you can publish your website without breaking a sweat!

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