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hello, it's Cynthia

I’m Cynthia.

My favourite thing in the world is supporting small businesses and solopreneurs as they brainstorm, plan, and create their digital marketing strategies.

My clients often tell me that I provide an experience that is totally different from what they would expect from a web designer - that’s because I take the time to help you understand how all the pieces fit together, and help you overcome your marketing-related fears. There's no pressure to create things that won't serve your business, and we can create maximum impact with the tools that are already available to you!

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Content Curation Checklist

You probably already have a general idea of what you will say to your audience and how you will serve them - but the #1 reason websites stall or fail in the development stage is missing or unorganized content. This checklist will help you prioritize your content, so you can publish your website without breaking a sweat!

5 Key Components of a Profitable Website

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A few words from my clients...

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Cynthia’s insights and step-by-step process were the key to turning my vision into a reality. I spent months being overwhelmed by the task of putting my website together, and making it look the way I wanted. She really took on my project as it was her own, and pulled everything together with her creative energy and expertise. I am very pleased with her work, and refer back to her often for updates and additions.

Kim David
The Marketing Vine

Cynthia is fantastic to work with. I’ve been lucky enough to pick her brain frequently while growing my business and her advice, encouragement, and practical problem-solving have been invaluable. In the branding and marketing world, all sorts of people say all sorts of things, and it’s hard to know who can bring you real value. But trust me, real experience, ability and passion easily stands out against the rest. You'll know what I mean after sitting down with Cynthia for the first time.

Adam Hodnett
Folk Media Communications

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